Simple, trusted real estate
investment management

Your investors invest and manage their real estate portfolio seamlessly and with confidence.

About Us

We Share Property delivers technology solutions to the real estate industry, enabling its investors to seamlessly invest and manage their property portfolios.

Our application is branded under our customers’ branding, enabling them to market their digital differentiation compared to the competition.

Lean design and automation of the application also increases productivity of the industry and helps it better understand its investors through centralized data insights.

We are active in the UK and the UAE delivering solutions to property investment companies, developers and brokers.

We Share Property create a faster, simpler and more transparent way for investors to manage their portfolios through a simple, digital application.

What we do


Achieve a faster sales process

  • Invest in minutes
  • Trasparent sales tracking of your organization
  • Real-time, accurate investor and sales funnel data when you need it
  • Streamlined sales process using automation and centralized filing

Improve brand experience of your investors

  • Personalized investment management approach for your investors to differentiate from your competitors

Unlock more sales

  • Pioneering property ownership models such as crowdfunding, cooperatives or traditional funds effortlessly delivered, broadening your sales funnel to new investors*

*May require financial regulation in some countries

Provide data transparency

  • Understand your investors with accurate, real-time data
  • Bring the right opportunities to the right investors

Demonstrate integrity

  • Seamless handling of investor funds by UK-regulated escrow provider, increasing investor protection
  • Automated Know-Your-Customer compliance to UK-regulated standards, ensuring robust compliance

Reduce cost

  • Streamline internal operations
  • Automate processes and back-office support